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Mary Poppins Nursery Children Eating Healthy Snack
Mary Poppins Nursery Children's menu sign on blackboard or cha
Five Star Food Hygiene at Mary Poppins

At Mary Poppins Nursery, we know Children’s food preferences and eating habits are formed early in life with consequences for a range of health and development outcomes in later life. It is therefore important that the food we offer provides appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients and encourages the development of healthy eating habits in young children, both to support appropriate growth and development and as part of our priorities to reduce childhood obesity and ensure every child has the best start in life.

We aim to provide “healthy, balanced and nutritious” meals for children, whilst supporting them to make healthier choices about food and drink.

Our example menu of breakfasts, lunches, teas and snacks, help illustrate the types and amounts of food and drink that can be offered to meet the nutritional requirements of infants and children aged six months to four years. The principles underpinning the development of the example menus are outlined and key information on using the example menus, including advice on menu planning, food safety, managing food allergies and reading food labels, is provided.

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